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Composite Fences & Gates.

Composite Wood Fences and Gates

Three recent jobs enabled us to utilise a new material in Projects in Bray Dublin 8 and Co. Meath.

Composite Wood offered a highly competitive Maintenance free solution for these Projects

The first involved the erection of a fence of varying heights up to 2000mm it was erected on a wall with a drop of over 6000mm on the far side which would prevent any future maintenance from there. The homeowners also required a fence that satisfied structural design criteria and an attractive appearance.

We had been researching a less expensive and more environmentally acceptable alternative to timber. As a company committed to recycling we were interested in products that maximised recycled materials in particular Plastics. Composite Timber which has had extensive uses as decking and cladding was a product that came to our attention.

Composite timber which has consistent performance, is available in a range of colours and is highly durable offers huge advantages over both cheap softwood products which have limited life and require regular maintenance and the more attractive hardwoods which are expensive and often come from challenged forests and environments.

The second project required the renewal of the front of a suburban house with a sliding gate with a Fencing panel and a separate single gate. The homeowner wanted to increase the security of the home but also to use the project to enhance the appearance and provide the initial feature for a total update of the appearance of the property.

In Both this Projects the Composite timber was selected in a Grey.

The third job was an automated sliding gate for stables in Co. Meath. In this case the colour was Brown.

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