QK Meats, Naas

For a recent collaboration with QK Meats, Naas, no middlemen were needed – Irish Fencing handled everything from assessment to design to installation. We even recycled the fencing we had installed at this facility 30 years ago! The team, led by Irish Fencing’s in-house design team, revamped QK Meats' plant area fencing, ensuring top-notch security, aesthetic appeal, and efficient project delivery. It's not always about the big projects; sometimes, it's the smaller adjustments that make all the difference!
Client: QK Meats
Contractor: Irish Fencing Installers
Design Team: Irish Fencing In-house

Case Study:

Assessment, Design, Installation, and Maintenance: Irish Fencing

Client Vision

The primary objectives included ensuring the security and protection of the plant and buildings, enhancing aesthetic appeal, durability, and facilitating smooth access for plant, vehicles, and pedestrians. This is one of numerous projects completed on this campus since 1992 when it was first constructed.

Key Challenges

QK Meats in Naas required modifications to their plant area, necessitating the relocation of existing fencing and the installation of new fencing and gates.

Overcoming the Challenges

Site visits allowed our installers to understand the terrain and access issues thoroughly. We provided tailored advice and guidance, offering a suite of solutions to the unique challenges of the site encompassing design, manufacturing, installation, and maintenance.

Equipped with state-of-the-art machinery and handling equipment, we offered expert advice and guidance tailored to the client's environment, access requirements, and specific openings. Our Health and Safety Manager ensured compliance with safety protocols and certifications, guaranteeing a secure and efficient project delivery. Through in-house manufacturing of high-quality products, including a 7.5 metre Cantilever Gate, Turnstile Gate, and Palisade and  Kylemore Mesh Fencing,we also reused materials which were in excellent condition after 30 years. We enabled the seamless integration of future security solutions into the client's premises.

Positive Outcomes

The collaboration between Irish Fencing and QK Foods resulted in a neat realignment of the front perimeter and streamlined access, contributing to the overall improvement of the client's premises.

In conclusion, the success of the project underscored Irish Fencing's commitment to providing tailored solutions and exemplary service, irrespective of project scale or client profile.