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Irish Fencing adds value to property - whether commercial, industrial or residential. Our experience, and solutions focused attitude results in quality that lasts for decades.

About You

If there is one word that sums up what Irish Fencing is about, it’s Experienced. We apply the same level of expertise and attention to every project, no matter its size. Even when you have supplied us with accurate drawings, we still make it our duty to visit every site and survey it in detail, making recommendations anywhere we think we can bring improvement, while our transparent cost structure will provide you with peace of mind.

Design Team Member

You want to collaborate with a provider who will bring your design to life from drawing to installation, who can adapt quickly to design changes with zero fuss in a fast, cost-effective way.

House Builder / Developer

Single property, or a development with multiple units, you’re looking for a versatile manufacturer and installer using the most modern methods to complete your project with full certification.


You need a partner who meets your requirements of time and budget, with the flexibility and expertise to work to your quality, with first class H&S and who can fully certify material and installation.

Commercial/Industrial Property Owner

As the owner or manager of a facility you are seeking to partner with providers who will understand your unique challenges and have the expertise to provide bespoke solutions.

Local Authority/ Government Procurement

You need a provider that meets the green criteria in the 2023 Climate Action Plan, in terms of location, recyclability of products and materials, sustainability, and overall carbon impact reduction.

Education Procurement

You’re looking for a fencing contractor with understanding of your specific needs and certification requirements, and who can help you choose the most appropriate, safe and cost-effective product.

Home Owners

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You want to know more about Ireland’s most experienced fencing contractor and how its product and manufacturing solutions can meet the needs of projects large and small.


What makes the Irish Fencing range of products genuinely unique is that they have been designed to be flexible and adaptable to your unique needs. Whether you are an architect, engineer, contractor or owner, our fencing will optimise your property.See our range


Irish Fencing has built an unrivalled level of expertise in the manufacture and installation of fences, gates and railings installed by our fully certified, qualified crews Our manufacturing facility in Dublin 8 is home to an extensive display and demonstration area. Our projects range in value from a few thousand to € Millions.View ourProject Portfolio