Tymon, Park, Calisthenics, Dublin

We recently installed a Calisthenics area in Tymon Park for SDCC a new venture where as well as the installation of the equipment we carried out the Civil Works and Surface installation. Our first involvement in Tymon Park was the installation of the perimeter fencing a rounded and notched Palisade and the Entrance Gates in 1985 and we have carried out further works associated with the M50 and new amenities in the park since.
Client: South Dublin County Council. Brendan Redmond Senior Executive Landscape Officer
Contractor: Irish fencing Services
Design Team: Bar Monkey Calisthenics. James Geraghty

Client Vision

Calisthenics is a form of physical training, which focuses on teaching you to master your own body weight, using minimal equipment.

The aim of these calisthenic area installations is to empower people to create healthy habits, enabling them to improve their own physical and mental well-being, through exercising in a public park.

Brendan Redmond Senior Executive Landscape Officer at South Dublin County Council sees Calisthenics as a very practical exercise provision and works closely with Calisthenics Ireland and their trainers, in particular James Geraghty of Bar Monkey Calisthenics. The safe installation and layout of the equipment is of huge importance and Health and Safety considerations are prime.

Key Challenges

This was an entirely new product for us, and we were also taking on the role of main contractor and the responsibilities that entails contractually and taking control of the Civil Works and Surfacing. Health and Safety as in all installations for sports and public spaces is critically important. The safety of Sports Equipment and the areas in which they are used are subject to approval by ROSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) This includes the design of the area and the surface treatment and Safe Fall Zones. This facility could not be used until it was certified

 Overcoming The Challenges

The specific works involved the following elements:

  • We met with SDCC representatives to establish the equipment needed and the scope of work.
  • We agreed to the location, layout and configuration of the

calisthenics equipment.

  • We agreed on the delivery of equipment with our Certified Calisthenics equipment supplier.
  • We set out a programme of work.
  • Our Health & Safety Advisor prepared all the necessary site specificHealth & Safety paperwork and carried out Site Audits fothe duration of the contract to ensure that all our site crewscarried out their work to the highest safety standards.

We carried out the following works programme:

  • Excavation of the required foundation levels.
  • Removal of excavated spoil from the site.
  • Formation of protection berm to retain the bark infill.
  • Pouring of concrete foundations.
  • Installing the equipment to the manufacturer's instructions.
  • Laid certified engineering bark to the required depth.
  • Installed supplied turf on new soil berm.
  • Carried out the topsoiling and seeding.
  • Organised the RoSPA inspection by a registered inspector
  • Removed the temporary fencing to allow the public to use this new facility.

All works followed our HSQE system standards:

  • OMNi ISO 9001 Quality Management System Standard.
  • Safe-T-Cert Health & Safety System Standard.
  • EcoMerit Environmental Management System Standard.

The general public was always at the forefront of the team. We conducted regular inductions and Toolbox Talks for site personnel to communicate the significance of health and safety and protective and preventative measures.

Positive Outcomes

The Calisthenics Park is used by many teams and sports as part of their training regime, as well as those specialising in the use of  Calisthenics as a regime exclusively.

The calisthenics workout area has been highly popular, in response to this greater demand, South Dublin County Council installed multiple calisthenics areas across the County.Including Knockmitten Balgaddy and Clondalkin.

This job highlights how we see long term relationships with partners,suppliers and clients as fundamental to our business.