Sliding and Cantilever Gates

We have an enormous range of gate designs and many different operating functions are available. Most fences have a gate in them! – and we can make a gate to match any design of Fence or Railing. We manufacture traditional swing gates, sliding gates, cantilever sliding gates which need no track, height restriction barriers, all in single or double leaf design. We also make specialist gates, barriers and turnstiles to stop Horses, Motor Bikes etc. We also make gates that swing shut automatically or lock open. In fact because we make over 2,000 gates per year and have been making them since 1973 we have a lot of experience. Most of our gates can be automated and there is a separate page giving full information on gate automation. There is also a separate page for Access Control Barriers and Turnstiles. Automation is possible for either Industrial and Commercial Access or Residential Gates.Please visit that and see our new Automation Partners Electro Automations latest Automation and access Control Equipment,

Sliding Gates

We make sliding gates to match all our standard Weld Mesh, Palisade and Railing designs we can also make to your design and can include logos names and other features using Lazer Cutting technology.
Sliding gates can maximize parking space and offer advantages in some situations over conventional Swing gates. They lend themselves to automation at a later date if this is not required initially. Available Galvanised or Galvanised and colour Powder Coated (Plasgalv) finish to clients choice.

Drawings & Specifications

Cantilever Gates

Cantilever Gates maximise space usage, require no track to function which means no dislocation of working during installation,ideal for site situations where slopes or cambers exist that would preclude the use of a ground track. Infill can either match the surrounding fence or come from one of our standard Fence or Railing designs. If you require Special infills we advise discussion with our technical staff. Available for manual or automated operation. Can be installed in hours minimising site disruption. Available Galvanised or Galvanised and colour Powder Coated (Plasgalv) finish to clients choice.

Drawings & Specifications

Cantiliever Gate

Important Safety Notice

Safety this is the over riding issue, gates can be dangerous without the appropriate safety devices being incorporated, to be frank some of these essentials can dis-improve the look of your gate or increase the small number of electrical or mechanical problems that can occur, this is because safety features have to be set at a level where a small child’s contact will stop the gate, this increases the risk of other factors such as high winds or small obstructions causing the gate to stop.   There are incidences recorded abroad of unscrupulous installers bypassing inbuilt safety features in order to ensure no call outs with fatal results. We believe in being upfront with our customers. An Automated Electric gate can make your life incredibly more convenient and safe but there can be some issues from time to time we recommend an annual service agreement which will usually pre-empt breakdowns and costly call outs.

PSA Notice Re: Use of Specialist Subcontractors or Outside Expertise.

For some speciality works or expertise Irish Fencing and Railings Ltd. does not have directly employed personnel and uses specialist companies or sub-contractors.These are generally in the provision of electrical services, operation of certain plant and machinery and specifically in the installation of certain classes and types of Access Control Equipment and other security services  which fall under the requirements of  The Private Security Authority. ( PSA ) licensing.