Gate Automation for Security and Convenience

Sliding, Swing or Cantilever Gates you can automate your choice and control its operation with state-of-the-art control systems. For our Commercial installations we now offer a complete 24/7 service agreement with our Automation Partners Electro Automation Ltd. Ireland leading Automation specialists. We survey your site, assist you in designing your gate, fabricate in our factory in Inchicore and finish your gate in either Galvanised or Plasgalv® Maintenance free finishes. We then and install and carry out all site works required to hang the gate. All Certification and CE Marking will be provided by us.

We then coordinate with Electro who will install and commission the automation and other access controls you require and certify the electrical installation performing the various tests required to guarantee the safety and long running of your gate. These are a requirement of The Private Security Authority. The government body that licenses the installation and electrical gates and access control. Additionally, they can provide a maintenance agreement and 24/7 callout service. Your insurer may well require that the equipment is safely maintained and certified annually.

On this page we give the basic principles of the various types of gate automation Above Ground, Below Ground or Sliding / Cantilever. We recommend that for full technical details of motors you link to Electro Automation whose website shows the current best of class equipment to complement your new gate.

Automated Sliding Gates

This is the simplest type of motor, a cogged wheel engages with a toothed rack with the gate running on a track set in the ground. It is necessary in order to use this type of system that the track extends between 500 and 1000 mm more than the distance between the pillars. If this is possible on your site a sliding gate offers a convenient operation, with few faults and minimal maintenance. It maximises the space available within the site.

Drawings & Specifications

Automated Cantilever Gates

Using a similar motor system as a sliding gate but no track is required.

Irfen® Cantilever gates are an innovative solution to a number of problems,  It can operate across a sloped entrance, access restrictions during installation are minimised as only limited building work is required, and no track needs to be laid.

Drawings & Specifications

Cantiliever Gate

Below Ground Operators for Swing Gates

Below gate operators are the neatest option for operating a gate or gates. The gate pivots on the motors which are buried and set in concrete. The motor box needs to be correctly positioned at the required pivot point. Below ground motors are our most popular swing gate operators but are more costly than the above ground options. This product requires expert installation to ensure correct operation and the avoidance of issues such as water penetration. Using our skilled fitters will ensure years of top quality operation of your gate.

Drawings & Specifications

Above Ground – Linear or Rigid Arm for Swing Gates

Linear or rigid arms can be Electromechanical or Hydraulic, they are mounted from the gatepost or pier and fixed to the gate frame, they are generally used in pairs to provide a double leaf gate system. The size of unit required is dependent on the weight and width of gate and the available angle of opening required. Above ground motors are the best option for automating an existing gate. See below for the options to control your Automatic Gate together with the safety features that will protect your users, animals and vehicles from accidents.

Drawings & Specifications

F04 PG4 Guardrail


Important Safety Notice

Safety this is the over riding issue, gates can be dangerous without the appropriate safety devices being incorporated, to be frank some of these essentials can dis-improve the look of your gate or increase the small number of electrical or mechanical problems that can occur, this is because safety features have to be set at a level where a small child’s contact will stop the gate, this increases the risk of other factors such as high winds or small obstructions causing the gate to stop.   There are incidences recorded abroad of unscrupulous installers bypassing inbuilt safety features in order to ensure no call outs with fatal results. We believe in being upfront with our customers. An Automated Electric gate can make your life incredibly more convenient and safe but there can be some issues from time to time we recommend an annual service agreement which will usually pre-empt breakdowns and costly call outs.

PSA Notice Re: Use of Specialist Subcontractors or Outside Expertise.

For some speciality works or expertise Irish Fencing and Railings Ltd. does not have directly employed personnel and uses specialist companies or sub-contractors.These are generally in the provision of electrical services, operation of certain plant and machinery and specifically in the installation of certain classes and types of Access Control Equipment and other security services  which fall under the requirements of  The Private Security Authority. ( PSA ) licensing.