Protecting The Lightship, Dún Laoghaire

The rather nondescript roundabout, at the entrance to Dun Laoghaire Harbour, recently received the addition of a wonderful piece of illuminated artwork to commemorate the lightships which surrounded our coast and were serviced from The Irish Lights Service from Dun Laoghaire.
Client: Dún Laoghaire-Rathdown Co Co

Client Vision

This structure is part of a national plan to enhance public spaces such as squares, streetscapes and markets, in a way that will engage tourists and enhance their experience in key towns.

This Artwork commemorates The Lightships which surrounded our coast and were managed from this Harbour. The last lightship was decommissioned in 1983.


Key Challenges

Installed in December 2020 the piece was unfortunately a target for anti-social behavior, and we were asked if we could provide a solution which would protect the structure accommodating the very irregular site perimeter whilst still enabling its detail to be seen.

Overcoming The Challenges

Generally, fences prefer straight lines, but this site had several very tight curves. Eoin Ennis our Contracts Manager came up with a solution, our Kilmainham 358 mesh which has more flexibility than other mesh systems because of its unique design, Eoin also suggested that the mesh be coated white to make it less obtrusive.

Featured Products

The highest level of security in any fence we offer is provided by Kilmainham 358 Prison Mesh. The Kilmainham 358 mesh panels are constructed using 4mm vertical and horizontal wires, the aperture of the mesh is 12.5mm x .75mm (in the old Imperial Measurement System this equated to 3 inches x .5 inches x 8g. i.e 358). The closeness of the wire prevents foot or handholds, wire cutters cannot be used as they cannot enter between the wires. If you wish to protect something of high value a Kilmainham 358 Prison Mesh Fence offers the longest delay times of any mesh or conventional fence system. This Project was Polyester Powder Coated White.

Successful Outcomes

The night and day/before and after photos, show a very original addition to the streetscape and one that will remain for many years protected by its new fence.