Flynn & O’Flaherty, Phoenix Park, Dublin

Our Relationship with Flynn and O ‘Flaherty dates back nearly 50 years and involves working on both their Commercial and Housing Developments. We have been involved their extensive developments in the Old Phoenix Park Racecourse since its commencement in 1998.
Client: Flynn & O’Flaherty
Consulting Engineers: Engineers O’Connor Sutton Cronin & Associates
Design Team: In House Personnel


Client Vision

Flynn and O'Flaherty had a long term vision for Phoenix Park Racecourse when they purchased the the property in 1999, it envisaged a number of stages and  housing types. The changes that occured in Ireland over this period were impossible to predict in 1999 but they were adapted rescheduled and have shown huge imagination in adapting to market needs.

The Key Challenges

The Key Challenge we faced was the common ones facing housing contractors: Their programme of construction is subject to sudden market changes. Show Houses are needed to tight schedules and sold properties need to be fully complete as needed. Often to very tight schedule.

Overcoming The Challenge

We operate on the basis of offering flexibility in our manufacturing processes and close relationships with our suppliers, but also by keeping our clients aware of the lead times and constraints, communication is key and we work closely with the contractors on site personnel, in this case the Flynn and O’Flaherty Director Joe O’Flaherty liaised with our MD Shane Winters and Contracts Manager Eoin Ennis.

Products Supplied

Since works on site commenced we have supplied and installed a wide range of products, Perimeter Security utilising both Palisade and Mesh Systems, Railings to the fronts of homes, Playspec Bow railings for Play Areas and Timber fencing to back gardens.

Positive  Outcomes

The Positive outcome at the end of any contract is that we are on good terms with our customer and that he has achieved his objectives. Working for repeat clients is one of our key objectives. Our History with Flynn and O'Flaherty which dates back over 40 years and at The Phoenix Park on various stages,designs, and challenges for nearly 30, is something we are extremely proud of.  The homes constructed by Flynn and O’Flaherty in The Old Racecourse are now one of the most prestigious addresses in Dublin.