Measured Performance

Businesses should understand their sustainable responsibilities across environmental, social and governance legislation and manage their sustainability risks and opportunities. We have embraced opportunities for sustainability whenever they presented including adopting 100% Renewable Electricity Suppliers and Solar Panels for self-generation.

Raw Materials

To help address the impact of climate disruption on our environment, society, economic and natural resources, the steel and other materials in the products we manufacture, and stock have long life spans of between 40-50 years and will be fully recyclable at end of life. 95% of our Products are Galvanised extending their life by many decades and over 50% are Powder Coated minimising VOC emissions and removing the need for repainting.


The roof of our Dublin manufacturing facility is fitted with solar photovoltaic (PV) panels to generate electricity for lighting office operations and our manufacturing plant, while a harvesting system is in place to collect and recycle rainwater. Our fleet is gradually being replaced with electric vehicles.

Sustainable Data Collection

Sustainable Data Collection, As part of our Environmental Management System monitored by EcoMerit, we are collecting sustainability data so that we can provide this to our clients, when required as part of public sector contracts. It also provides us with means of monitoring ourselves against best practice.

Embedded Carbon

Steel fencing lasts a lifetime and can be repaired, reused and up-cycled infinitely.

Maintenance is minimal. Steel is fully recyclable at end of life


The central Dublin 8 location of our manufacturing facility enables more of our staff to use public transport or cycle for their commute our major suppliers and Dublin port are within 20Kms and 80% of the projects we complete are within a one and a half hours of our factory or Cork locations. This reduces the fuel usage and carbon emissions associated with transport to site or suppliers..

Irish Fencing Environmental Policy

As a steel fencing manufacturer, we recognise that our production has a negative environmental impact, to mitigate this we have an environmental policy that highlights our commitments across environmental and social issues and enables us to monitor and manage our processes. In addition to this we have a long-standing commitment to the benefits of tree planting on the environment. We have had a Forestry plantation of 2 Hectares of Native trees approximately 5000 trees for over 25 years to which we plan to add in the next planting season. One tree over the course of its lifetime will absorb one tonne of CO². As well as encouraging biodiversity and sustainability of native species.

Supporting Our Community Locally and Nationally

On a national Level we are proud founder members of Guaranteed Irish & ISME and locally we are active supporters of The Ballyfermot Chapelizod Partnership, we support many sports teams and charities through donations, sponsorship and fundraising.


  • Guaranteed Irish
  • ISME
  • Ballyfermot Chapelizod Partnership
  • St James Gaels GAA
  • Cherry Orchard FC
  • The Peter McVerry Trust
  • The Lighthouse Club Charity