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Composite Timber Fences & Gates

Composite Timber offers a highly competitive Maintenance free solution for that special project. It has a consistent performance, is available in a range of colours, is highly durable and offers performance comparable to hardwoods which often come from challenged forests and environments.

As a company committed to recycling we were interested in products that maximised recycled materials in particular Plastics. Composite Timber which has had extensive uses as decking and cladding was a product that came to our attention.

Composite timber which has consistent performance, is available in a range of colours and is highly durable offers huge advantages over both cheap softwood products which have limited life and require regular maintenance and the more attractive hardwoods which are expensive and often come from challenged forests and environments.

The fence panels have been engineered to last far beyond standard timber products, helping to reduce the wasteful short use and replace cycle. Additionally, as the composite boards do not require treating over their life, no harmful chemicals are required every year to keep the fencing holding fast. Where possible the products have also been designed to enable them to be recycled back into usable material after their usable life.

Although composite fencing does not require any maintenance to preserve the life span of the fence, it will weather over time and blend into the surrounding area as a timber fence does.

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