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Kinsale 868 Sports Mesh

Kinsale and Kinsale Rebound Twin Wire 868 panel mesh gives you and your team the ultimate playing experience Kinsale weld mesh is strong enough to allow continuous use of the fence as part of the game, something not possible with conventional V mesh systems.

Kinsale is constructed using a 6mm vertical wire and twin 8mm horizontal wire, one to the front and one to the back (this is where the designation 868 comes from) this results in a very strong and rigid flat mesh fence. The aperture of the mesh is 200mm x 50mm providing a solid perimeter for all ball sports,with excellent visibility.

In the Rebound option the lower 1200mm. of the Kinsale Sportsmesh panels has a reduced aperture to give a controlled rebound. The Rebound design further ensures that the bounce of the ball off the fence is accurate and true. Kinsale 868 and Kinsale  Rebound come in heights 2000mm, 3000mm, 4000mm 5000mm & 6000mm as standard.

This product is also available in 656 design which whilst obviously lighter is appropriate in applications where continuous use is not planned.

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Specterail Standard

Specterail standard is designed as a spectator barrier and is not designed to take the impact of sports balls directly or continuously. Constructed using our Kylemore mesh panel with a 200x50mm aperture with crimps for rigidity and 60×60 posts at 3.044 centres and 60×40 top rail. It is recommended to be placed at least 2 Metres from the playing area.

Drawings & Specifications

Specterail Sports

Specterail Sports provides a safe barrier to allow spectators to view sports activities from the pitch edge in comfort and safety. It provides  a support to lean on and protects from injury from stray balls or contact with players it is based on our Kinsale 868 mesh. Standard designs may also be varied to your individual requirements.

Drawings & Specifications

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