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We have partnered with Southwest Microwave to bring their market leading Intrepid™ detection systems to Ireland.


INTREPID™ MicroPoint™ II is the new-generation version of Southwest Microwave’s field-proven perimeter fence detection system for applications where the detection of cut or climb attempts is required. Detection zones are set in software to cost-effectively tailor zoning to a site’s unique requirements.


For use at correctional facilities, INTREPID™ MicroNet™ II is the newest-generation version of Southwest Microwave’s field-proven MicroNet™ perimeter fence detection system.

A newly enhanced FSK communications system increases the range of system coverage.

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INTREPID™ UniZone™  new-icon

Offering unprecedented ease of use, INTREPID™ UniZone™ is a high-performance, standalone perimeter fence detection sensor designed to reliably and cost-effectively protect smaller critical infrastructure sites vulnerable to terror attack, sabotage, asset theft or liability risk.

Based on Southwest Microwave’s field-proven MicroPoint™ smart-sensor technology, UniZone™ protects up to 200 linear meters (656 linear ft) of fence line, and consists of a UniZone™ Fence Detection Sensor mounted to the fence or in a nearby control room, and a single MicroPoint™ sensor cable tie-wrapped to the fence or topper to detect cut/climb attempts.

UniZone™ employs advanced Point Impact Discrimination™ to monitor activity along the cable in 1.1 meter (3.6 ft) increments, analyze the characteristics of each disturbance and reliably detect cut or climb intrusion attempts while ignoring harmless environmental disturbances. Superior system intelligence and powerful digital signal processing successfully mitigate risk of site compromise while delivering the lowest nuisance alarm rate in the industry.

As a plug-and-deploy detection sensor, the UniZone™ set-up process is simple. A laptop USB connection configures and calibrates the system via user-friendly Installation Service Tool (IST) software. LED indicators are provided on the sensor to identify Power Input, Alarm Status, Fault Notification and Sensor Disturbance. Isolated, on-board relay contacts provide intrusion and fault alarm indication.

Unlike conventional sensors, which offer only one detection sensitivity setting per alarm segment, Unizone™ employs a proprietary software-based calibration process – Sensitivity Leveling™ – to account for variations in fence fabric or tension and optimize detection sensitivity in 1.1 meter (3.6 ft) increments along the sensor cable. The result is uniform intrusion detection along the entire protected fence line.

Typical Applications

  • Communications & Cellular Towers
  • Well Heads & Water Reservoirs
  • Fuel Storage Tanks
  • Pumping & Compressor Stations
  • Pipeline Block Valves
  • Electric Substations & Switchyards
  • Railway Power Transformers
  • Bridge Footers
  • Storage Facilities / Cages & Construction Sites
  • Critical Inner Perimeter Elements

Key Features

  • Quick, Easy Set-up & Deployment
  • Advanced Digital Signal Processing
  • Point Impact Discrimination™ Prevents Environmental Nuisance Alarms
  • Sensitivity Leveling™ for Uniform Detection Along Fence Line
  • Operates in Harsh Environments
  • Installs on Most Fence Fabric
  • EMI / RFI Shielding & Surge Protection
  • Monitoring Via On-Board Form-C Relay Outputs



INTREPID™ MICRONET™ and MicroPoint™ Fence Detection Systems

With more than 6 million meters (20 million ft) of cable now protecting security sensitive sites worldwide, Southwest Microwave’s MICRONET™ and MicroPoint™ II fence detection systems are today’s perimeter security solutions of choice due to their unique ability to pinpoint perimeter disturbances to within 3 meters (10 ft) and eliminate nuisance alarms common to other fence sensors.


INTREPID™ MICRONET™ intelligent sensors reliably detect attempts to climb or cut a fence, while ignoring distributed noise from wind, rain or vehicle traffic. By successfully distinguishing legitimate attacks from harmless environmental disturbances, nuisance alarms are prevented.

Software-controlled Free-format Zoning lets users assign alarm zones anywhere along the cable, reducing hardware requirements, lowering installed cost and assuring superior detection. Sensitivity Leveling™ calibrates the sensor to uniquely compensate for variations in fence fabric, resulting in uniform detection along the fence line.

We provide site assessment and design advice that best meet your facility’s needs.

Systems can be seamlessly integrated with existing Security and CCTV installations.



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