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Kinsale 868 – Strong Twin Wire Mesh, Allowing Excellent Visibility.

Kinsale perimeter mesh has a 200 x 50mm aperture and is constructed from two 8mm horizontal wires with a 6mm vertical sandwiched between, it is referred to as 868 twinwire. It is a flat panel, Ideal for securing perimeters where good visibility is required.

This mesh is difficult for an intruder to cut as the twinwire structure requires considerable time with suitable tools to penetrate. It also comes in a 656 configuration which is more cost effective but less secure.

As well as its use as a Perimeter Security Mesh Kinsale 868 is the basis of many of our Sportmesh designs there is a separate page for Sportsmesh.

The video and image gallery (click to enlarge) below show most of the available options and examples of  this product range.

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