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Kilmainham 358 Prison Mesh – High Security Fencing For High Risk Areas

The highest level  of security in any fence we offer is provided by Kilmainham 358 Prison Mesh. The Kilmainham 358 mesh panels are constructed using 4mm vertical and horizontal wires, the aperture of the mesh is 12.5mm x .75mm (in the old Imperial Measurement System this equated to 3 inches x .5 inches x 8g. i.e 358). The closeness of the wire prevents foot or handholds, wirecutters cannot be used as they cannot enter between the wires. If you wish to protect something of high value a Kilmainham 358 Prison Mesh Fence offers the longest delay times of any mesh or conventional fence system. Used with a concrete plinth or buried wire at the bottom and Barbed Tape or Razor Wire to the top it is the most formidable fence we have.

For added protection, this product can be backed up by our Micropoint Integrated Fence Detector System and CCTV it will provide the longest delay to the intruder allowing your security personnel additional time to deal with an intrusion. This is a product where our experience and advice can save you money.

Come to us at the early stages of designing your perimeter security or internal high risk areas for advice. We have installed many thousands of metres of Kilmainhan 358 and compatible gates both manual and automated, in some of the most  demanding locations in Ireland. Contact any of our offices and we will put you in touch with an expert with hands on knowledge of the qualities and the best installation methods for this product.


We recently completed projects at Dublin Port & Oberstown Childrens Detention Centre, Lusk

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