Malahide Tennis Club Chainlink Mesh

Malahide Tennis Club Renews its Fencing with Galvanised and Powder Coated Chainlink on Custom Designed Posts Plasgalv Finished on its Exposed Site to Replace its Existing Fence
Client: Malahide Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club
Architects: Darragh Lynch

Client Vision

The very busy Malahide Tennis Club is on a very exposed site at the seaside and is significantly elevated from the road running past, Because of wind exposure and the salt environment the previous fencing had corroded badly. The club commissioned an Engineer to design a suitable post and foundation to cope with the wind and made up ground in order to get a fence that would last for many years.

Key Challenges

Suitable materials and designs were required to give a long life expectancy as well as be visually acceptable in a highly visible  location seen by locals and visitors.

Meeting The Challenges.

Contracts Manager Eoin Ennis worked closely with the clubs architect Darragh Lynch and the club, we advised the use of  Chainlink Mesh as the appropriate material for a Tennis Court reducing the risk of injury to a player running into the fence and absorbing the impact of the ball so as to not bounce back unexpectedly. All to often when we are asked to replace chainlink we find that very light gauges of wire have been used and that Bright Core Wire (an untreated  plain steel finish) has been used below the plastic outer cover, this gives no protection when the outer plastic is penetrated and the wire rapidly rusts. On this occasion we offered a high quality galvanised core wire 2.24 mm thick 50 mm mesh fencing with a PVC coating bringing the diameter of the outside wire to 3.15 mm. This was supported on specially designed Galvanised and Powder Coated Posts and Top Rail, and in some areas Kee Klamp systems. In general the fence is 2400mm high,but In some areas the clubs engineer has designed a fence structure 3000mm high which will subsequently have windbreak netting fitted.

Positive Outcomes.

The club have a fence now suitable for their needs for many decades to come.

Products Used

We Maufactured and installed Custom Designed Steel Posts and Top Rails, Hot Dipped Galvanised and Powder Coated Green RAL 6005 our Plasgalv® finish.