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The Right Gates Can Enhance and Add to the Sales Value of Your Development.

Often the first thing the potential customer for a new home or sees is the entrance gate. It can give the wow factor to the development or one-off home.

We have huge experience in providing traditional designs or the most modern architect designed concepts. Gates can come in Swing Slide or Cantilevered configurations and can also be automated.

We offer a one stop shop without requirements for attendance from other trades except for an electrical supply and your security link in if required, We manufacture our gates and they are installed by Private Security Authority Registered installers and where necessary under current legislation we can provide CE Marking and full sign of documentation for Building Regulation requirements.

We are CIRI & Safe- T- Cert registered giving you the confidence of a professional service.

Over 45 years of experience in Gate manufacture and automation has not been confined just to the domestic area. We have provided gates and gate automation to many of the largest industrial clients including IBM, Intel, ESB, CIE, Cork and Dun Laoghaire Harbour Commissioners as well as he British, U.S, Russian, Italian, French and Egyptian Embassies and Residences.

We are always happy to provide information drawings or carry out a site survey contact us on the contact form or ring any of our offices.

Automated Sliding Gates

Sliding, This is the simplest type of motor a cogged wheel on the motor engages with a toothed rack the gate,it  runs on a track set in the ground.  In order to use this type of system the gate needs sufficient space to run back the width of the opening plus between 500mm and 1000mm if this is possible it offers a convenient operation with few faults and minimal maintenance it maximises the space within the parking area.

 Automated Cantilever Gates

Using a similar motor system as a sliding gate but no track is required.Irfen® Cantilever gates are an innovative solution to a number of problems It can operate across a sloped entrance.

Access restrictions during installation are diminished as only limited building work is required and no track needs to be laid.

The choice of design for your gate can be from our standard range, we can match a gate you like or we can work from your designer, architects or your own ideas.

  •        An automated gate can add comfort safety and security to your property.
  •        No more forgetting to close the gate and finding your neighbours dog or an undesirable visitor on your property.
  •        No more stopping your car and walking in the rain to open or shut your gate.

Swing gates can be automated in three ways.

Below Ground Operators for Swing Gates

Below gate operators are the neatest option for operating a gate or gates. The gate pivots on the motors which are buried and set in concrete. The motor box needs to be correctly positioned at the required pivot point.

Below ground motors are our most popular swing gate operators but are more costly than the above ground options.

This product requires expert installation to ensure correct operation and the avoidance of issues such as water penetration. Using our skilled fitters will ensure years of  top quality operation of your gate.

Above Ground Motors – Articulated Arm for Swing Gates

A very simple form of operator it has much greater tolerance for positioning of posts or it can be fitted to your existing gate posts or pillars.

  • Able to open the gate at a faster rate than linear actuators.
  • They do not place any extra load on the gate brackets and hinges
  • Are able to handle much larger leaf gates with excellent duty cycles
  • They are not as stylish as linear operators.

Above Ground Motors – Linear or Rigid Arm for Swing Gates

Linear or rigid arms can be Electromechanical or Hydraulic, they are mounted from the gatepost or pier and fixed to the gate frame, they are generally used in pairs to provide a double leaf gate system.

Enquire about Obstacle Detection Technology  Low voltage Hydraulic arms which eliminate the need for safety edges.

Above ground motors are the best option for automating an existing gate. See below for the options to control your Automatic Gate together with the safety features that will protect your users, animals and vehicles from accidents.

How do you operate the gates?

We will talk you through the options and our engineers will assist you in making the right choice for your needs usage and property. Initially do not worry to much about whether you want the gate to close automatically when you exit, how long you want it to remain open, or what actual control unit you need.

The equipment is infinitely flexible and can be adjusted by our engineers or yourself at any stage. At present most people use some sort of remote control on their key ring or in their car, however the use of GSM mobile phone technology is becoming more common. You may need an intercom for visitors or deliveries and you need to think through how you will deal with them if away from the house again mobile technology can be used.

Remote Gate Operation

Operation of Your Gate can be by various means they have advantages and disadvantages. Push Button – Suitable where an operator has visual sight of the gate. Intercom or Video viewer; enables monitoring of visitors, prone to vandalism and tailgating. Key Pad – Always carries the risk of the code being passed on but very cost effective. Remote Control – Very convenient and popular method. Risk of user opening from long distance and allowing intruder to enter unseen. Card or Fob Reader –  Inexpensive to replace if lost, but difficult to ensure cards or fobs are not passed to undesirable people. Remotely using your mobile phone – The latest technology, very secure, enables control of large numbers of users.

Our Staff can assist you in making the right choice for your requirements.

Safety is foremost at Irish Fencing

In accordance with our legal requirements under S.I. No. 407/2008 – European Communities (Machinery) Regulations 2008. New automated gates have a requirement to be CE marked  to show that they comply with current legislation. Your automatic gate will have safety edges and photo cells to prevent contact injury or damage to vehicles, all trap points will be identified and protected .
Our motors come with obstacle detection technology which reverse on contact and a visual movement signal generally a flashing light will be fitted to ensure your compliance with Health and Safety requirements. Ultimately you will be the responsible party for any machinery operating on your property so we recommend an annual service contract to ensure compliance with current standards. All our installers are PSA registered and fully trained. (see notice below).

 Hi-Speed Bi-Fold Gates

We can now offer hi speed bi-folding gates from a number of the leading manufacturers in Europe. This is a product which is best discussed with one of our Gate experts.

We can supply automation equipment from a wide range of manufacturers and can help you select the correct operating system to suit your project.

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In order to estimate a price we need to know the width of your gate opening and your desired gate height. Use the contact us link to inquire and add dimensions, photo or drawing.


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