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Uplift your development with Irfen™ Composite Panel System which gives you a Long-lasting, Maintenance Free, Eco Friendly, alternative to timber panels. Prestigious and in a range of colours your clients will appreciate this stylish feature of their new home.

For a few years, we have been offering Irfen Composite Timber as a fence material in customised applications each project being specially designed for the client. We offer this as an alternative to hardwood infills such as Iroko and Sapele which are premium priced.

We have recognised that there is a demand for a standard  Composite System competitively priced for developers and after considerable research we can now offer a standard system offering panels 1800mm (6ft) wide X 1200mm (4ft.) and 1800mm (6ft) 2400mm (8ft) high in a choice of three colours Brown, Forest Green and Dark Grey.

Timber panels have become ubiquitous as back garden fencing Many home purchasers are aware that they are buying a recurring maintenance issue repainting their fence. If that painting is not done the life span of most softwood timber panels and posts is very short.

Irfen™ Composite Panels gives them the comfort of a maintenance free product with the kudos of being ecologically friendly..

The panels are slotted into Composite posts either in a straight line or to accommodate a corner and are topped off with a finishing cap the panels are finished with a Top trim. The posts are suitable for concreting into the ground (we can also supply handy bags of quick setting Postmix) or can be provided with a galvanised steel base to bolt down to a concrete surface. . All these options require a reasonable level of DIY skills and the physical ability to dig a hole and possibly use a saw and drill. .

We can provide an erection service if required.

Irfen™ Composite is 60% granulated wood (a by-product of sawmilling) 30% Recycled high density polyethylene (HDPE) (your old bottles and plastic containers reused) and 10% Colourants and glues to bind it together.

Irfen™ Composite Fence System Provides the following advantages over timber systems.

✅ No more painting or maintenance

✅ Easy to install

✅ 90% recycled, environmentally friendly, saving forest resources

✅ Looks and feels like natural wood but is stronger

✅ Durable, waterproof, with a high density feel and high resistance to impact

✅ Fade and UV resistant (our experience is that there is an initial loss of colour over the first 2 months of about 10% which does not get worse after this)

✅ High resistance to insect’s, dry rot and wet rot

✅ Weather resistant, suitable from -40 to 60 degree Celsius

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