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Fence Security Levels

The level of security necessary for a property varies dependent on the risk associated with the contents of the site,the level of potential crime,the security backup, whether electronic,CCTV or manned security.

In order to give a means of evaluating the effectiveness of various fence systems a rating system based on performance against various types of potential breaching devices has been devised by The Loss Prevention Certification Board in The UK  We believe this method of performance measurement is helpful in allowing our customers to evaluate different products in a clearer way than provided by BS 1722 our products have not been tested by The LPCB it is our estimation of the performance of our products in action.  

Security Level 1 (IF-1) Very Low Security

Products in this group in ascending order of security; Horizontal Railings ( Estate or Park Railings) Chainlink below 3mm galvanised.2.5/3.5mm Plastic Coated   All Fences below 1800mm high. these products will clearly mark a boundary but are easily challanged with basic tools.

  • Adhesive Tape.
  • Cable cutter 150mm long.
  • 1 Glass cutter.
  • Punches.
  • Ropes.
  • Wires.
  • Tweezers.
  • Spanners – Selection 150mm long.
  • WD 40.
  • Wooden/Plastic wedges.

Security Level 2 (IF 2) Reasonable Protection for a Low Risk Property

Products at this Level In ascending order of Security Kylemore Paladin  Kilbarry Kinsale 656 These fences will delay an honest man but anyone determined to enter will using minimal tools do so in a few minutes

  • 1 Bolt cutter 350mm long.
  • 1 Claw hammer 350mm long.
  • 1 Drill bit 6mm diameter.
  • 1 Hand drill 400mm long.
  • 1 Junior Hacksaw.
  • 1 Pipe wrench – 250mm long.
  • 1 Screwdriver – 7mm diameter X 250mm long.
  • Socket/Screwdriver set – 250mm long ratchet.
  • 1 C Length of tube – 38mm diameter x 300mm long.

• 1 Axe 350mm long/1.5kg.
• 1 bolt cutter 400mm long.
• 1 Crowbar 700mm long/2.5kg.
• 1 cordless drill (7.2 V DC) – complete with spare power pack.
• 1 drill bit (10mm diameter).
• Flourocarbon freeze spray 400ml.
• 1 gas torch – butane/propane.
• 1 hacksaw and HSS blades.
• 1 Hammer 400mm long/1.5kg.
• Wood chisel 250mm long X 25mm wide blade.

Security Level 4 (SR-4) Very High Security Significant Delay .

Products for this level: There are proprietary products available internationally which we can obtain as required. They are generally combinations of Category 3 products. In our opinion the Combination of Kilmainham 868 Prison Mesh with additional security additions and Irfen ™ High Security Palisade would meet this test of 10 minutes delay in creating an opening sufficient for an intruder.


• A tool lock cutter.
• Bolt Cutters.
• Disk grinders.
• Cordless Drill complete with spare pack.
• 5 Drill bits
• 1 general purpose saw.
• 1 hole saw.
• 1 hooligan bar.
• 1 cordless jigsaw.
• 1 plate sheers.


  • What is the Difference Between Various Security Fences ?

    The purpose of a fence is to delay an intruder, The level and type of fence you require depends on the risks in your area, the desirability of what is on the property  to an intruder and the level of back up such as alarms, CCTV, manned security,  There are a lot of variables but The insurance industry has come up with methodology which measures the amount of time it would take a determined intruder to make a hole sufficient to get through a fence using various different tools. This is in our opinion a much better way of judging the value and performance of a fencing product as opposed to the old product standards contained under BS.1722 which were generally based on manufacturers requirements. See our Security levels page

  • How much more should I expect to pay for my fence to be installed.
    Probably a lot less than if you were doing the job yourself and charging for your time. Our installation crews are two or three man teams fully equipped with all the equipment needed to complete your job they are fully trained and will complete your job in a fraction of the time it would take a novice. Our installed price includes all the necessary concrete and if you require removal of all excavated materials. Finally there is a significant VAT differential between the supply only of material at 23% and supply and install at 13.5%.

  • Why do some fences cost a lot more than others?
    There is one quick answer! The amount of steel used in the manufacture of the product.

    Look at Weldmesh products they have different wire thicknesses,different gaps between wires (aperture). Clever or devious manufacturers can tweek the thickness of the wire and the gaps to save over 10% in base material.


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