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Irish Fencing Services have a variety of professional quality, durable products which are ex-stock and suitable for quick and easy installation.

Great Looking Weldmesh Fencing | Secure Palisade Fencing | Wall Toppings for Security | Dog Runs to Protect your Garden | Timber Fencing Panels , Posts and Bases | Property Noise Barriers | Safety and Hand Rails | Clearance Items | Hydraulic Gate Closer | Installation Bits and Pieces

 If in doubt Contact Our Experts – they are available to assist you or answer your questions.

Kylemore – Professional quality at low factory prices for Our Trade Customers

Beware of cheap fencing products which do not have the same qualities as Kylemore this is the product we use in our Commercial contracts. Compliant with British Standards

  • Great Looking Low Cost Perimeter
  • Long Lasting  Electrostatic Polyester Coating over Galvanising
  • 5mm Vertical and Horizontal Bars
  • Easy to Install for Contractors and DIY
  • Matching Gates Ex-stock
  • Ex-Stock for speedy collection or delivery easy Access to our yard 2km from M.50 Red  Cow
  • We sell everything needed for installation Bagged Mixed Concrete, Fixing Bolts etc.

Sizing Guide

Panels: 1200mm (4ft) or 1800mm (6ft) or 2400mm (8ft) High, 3000mm (10ft) Wide.

Posts:  60 x 60 X 2mm, include fittings and may  be either extended for concrete or base-plated for bolting to a concrete base or yard.

Palisade - Secure and Maintenance Free

The most economical weldmesh fencing from Ireland’s leading manufacturer – including all the posts and fittings you need to erect your fence from just €19.00 per linear metre. Matching Gates Ex-stock Collect from our 50,000 sq ft yard minimal waiting.

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Drawings & Specifications

Irfen® Palisade – Real security, Zero maintenance.

All our pales are a minimum of 2.5mm thick do not be fooled by thinner pales.

  • 2400mm high Ex Stock
  • The Best Security Fence on The Irish Market
  • Matching Gates Ex-stock 1200mm 4000mm and 6000mm
  • Collect from convenient locations or we can deliver,
  • Fast turnaround for collections and deliveries
  • We sell everything needed for installation Bagged Mixed Concrete, Fixing Bolts etc.

 Two designs Available

Kit Form the Cheapest option very transportable assembled on site.

Welded the highest security but requires more lifting on site.

Talk to our experts for advice on your particular project.

Kylemore - Economic Weldmesh Fencing

Kit form (assembled on site) 2400mm (8ft) High, from €46 per metre including V.A.T. Standard Palisade Welded Panels 2400mm (8ft) High, from €56 per metre including V.A.T.

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Standard Palisade Drawings & Specifications

Kit Form Palisade Drawings & Specifications

Stop Intrusion Over Walls or Roofs – with our wide range of solutions

  • Wallspike 1400 mm sections galvanised Finish from €25
  • Razor Wire 7 to 8 metres extended length
  • 24inch rolls or 18in Diameter Rolls. From €60 per roll
  • Advise us if you need brackets to support the razor wire
  • Rotating Fence from €50 per linear metre

Razor Wire, Barbed Wire, Wallspike and Rotating Barriers.

Call to our yard, speak to people who are expert in the advantages of these products.

You May Prefer to have us install this product.

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Wall and Roof Toppings – Preventing Intrusion to Your Property

Dog Runs are a Popular Product for Home Owners, Commercial Premises,  Landscapers get The Best Prices for Standard Layout Including Gates

Keeping your dogs or other animals safe and comfortable

Modular Mesh  Systems 1200mm high or 1800mm high fix to concrete or grass 100 sq. ft. approx. from €500 The speediest way for you to get an accurate price for your project, is to determine the length and height you require and send a sketch and or a photo of the site.

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Timber Fence Panels with the option of Concrete Posts and Bases

Keeping your dogs or other animals safe and comfortable

Timber Panel Fencing

Timber Fence Panels with the option of Concrete Posts and Bases.

Designs  Include – Woodlap, Solid Board, Hit and Miss Board, Standard Board.

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Need to Provide Noise Insulation from Machinery or Traffic? And have a long lasting attractive fence.

Look at our range of CE Marked Acoustic Panels Guaranteed to reduce noise nuisance as used on Motorways and Industrial Facilities.

Acoustic Fencing – Noise Barrier

Kee Safety Products

Also see our range of Kee Klamp Fittings and Tubing cut to length, enabling you to make your own Handrails, and Fabrications without any welding. speediest service in Dublin and Cork

Kee Safety - Kee Klamp - Handrail

A quality addition to finish a housing development Add to Your Clients Security and Comfort Add a Gate Closer to the Entrance Gate

From €220 a quality professional product

Clearance Items

Occasionally we have end of runs and items useful for smaller projects.


We stock all the items you might need to install your fence project including premixed bagged concrete, anchor bolts, brackets, etc..




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