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Privacy and Quality for Your Property Using Our Special Bespoke Designs in Soft and Hardwoods and our New Recycled Composite Timber Customised for your Project or our New Standard Composite Panels.

Our timber and composite products are designed to provide solid or semi solid fences which prevents observation of activity or conceals unsightly areas within a property and generally act as attractive, cost effective alternatives to constructing a wall. Apart from our Composite Panel System all our Timber ranges are custom designed usually by your Architect or Garden Designer these are exclusively supply and install products. 

We do not offer standard timber panel fencing which is widely available at DIY Stores.

Our latest offering Composite Fencing is a remarkable product offering many advantages over conventional timber. Made from a mix of Recycled plastic and wood,it is colour-fast and maintenance-free,long lasting, and ecologically advantageous.

As an addition to the bespoke composite offerings our new composite panels are aimed at The DIY market as a replacement for an existing timber fence or for the householder seeking to enhance his home and forget about maintenance, They a standardised modular product at the premium end of the market. 


New Composite Fencing kits

We have recognised that there is a demand for a standard off the shelf Composite System

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Bespoke Composite Fencing

Composite timber offers an exciting new maintenance free option for bespoke fences and gates.

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Bespoke Hardwood, Softwood and Composite choices are driven by the desire for high quality and individual design requirements and are expensive but give a long lasting and highly desirable asset to a property. Our Bespoke designs are a highly specialised products requiring individual site surveying and fully detailed drawings.

We recommend the use of an Architect or landscape designer to design specialised Hardwood or Composite Timber Fences and Gates and our technical staff are pleased to support with advice and specification especially with regard to steel posts and supports where wind-loading can be of critical importance

Many Householders are affected by noise pollution whether from traffic, machinery, sporting activities or other noisy pursuits, our range of Acoustic Fencing offers a certified solution to the problem of noise.

Hardwood Fencing and Gates

Generally Iroka or Sapele are used to provide a long lasting and low maintenance fence and gates.

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Bespoke Softwood

Customised Softwood Fences are designed with Steel Posts and Rails For extensive life and minimal maintenance

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Acoustic Fencing

All panels are to EN 1793 , Category B3 for acoustic performance and EN 1794 for mechanical and structural performance.

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