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Domestic Mesh

Enhance, Secure, and Protect your property, family and possessions. Get the peace of mind a mesh fence from Irish Fencing Services can provide.

If you require a perimeter fence our Mesh Systems offer a highly competitive and practical solution. As one of the largest providers of Mesh Products to Industrial, Educational and Public Bodies we can bring our knowledge, buying power and installation expertise to the private property owner, to give you a competitive and professionally installed fence.

You can also buy the materials from us for self-installation, including bagged ready mixed concrete!

The most popular mesh system in our range is Kylemore, a fence very suitable for use as a domestic perimeter, it has an aperture of 200 x 50mm giving very good visibility and is made from Zinc and Polyester coated 5mm wire welded at each joint which will provide a very long lasting fence.

We can also offer heavier meshes where you have special requirements. these are named Kilbarry, Kinsale and Kilmainham and these can be seen in the photo alongside or on their own pages on this website via the All Products drop down menu on the toolbar on the right at the top of the page.

The speediest way for you to get a price for your project is to determine the length and height you require take a photo or photos of the site and use the contact form alongside here. You can also advise us of any access problems or special requirements (for example if we cannot cross your lawn or cannot bring in small machines this will effect the estimate).

If the price we give you is attractive and we hope it will be, we can then arrange a site visit, we would expect to be extremely competitive for a company providing the levels of certification insurance and quality management we have! we will then confirm the final price which will be the price you pay!

We will give you a commencement date and agree your payment schedule. Within a few weeks  one of our installation crews will complete the project for you to enjoy the security of your new fence.

Use the contact us link below to send us your main dimensions and add a photo or drawing if you have one.

Our crews are fully qualified for the materials they install and the machinery they use, we are members  of the Construction Industry Register of Ireland, (CIRI) which ensures we are competent insured and tax compliant.

All automated gates of a height in excess of 1500mm as required by law will be installed by personnel registered by The Private Security Authority (PSA) and will comply with Health and Safety and HRI standards.

We are proud to have been a  member of Guaranteed Irish since its foundation in the 1980s. We will provide all the paperwork you require to claim the 13.5% tax rebate under the Government Home Renovation Incentive.

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