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Our Modular Dog Runs Pens & Enclosures

Keeping your dogs or other animals safe and comfortable.

Giving your animals especially your dogs a separate area to rest or exercise is something many pet owners wish to do. Our modular  range of standard Dog Runs Pens & Enclosures which we  supply only or supply and install are available at very competitive prices.

Using our Kylemore Mesh with specially designed gates 1000mm wide our dog runs are simple to install. The mesh panels are 1200mm or 1800mm. high by 3000mm. wide. The dog run comes with base plated posts for fixing to concrete surface or extended posts to be concreted in, all necessary fittings are provided. We can also  supply bagged Ready mixed concrete and ground fixing bolts if required.

A Dog run 3 metres x 3metres (app.100sq ft.) with a 1200mm sturdy gate 1200mm high will be plenty big enough for two dogs and a kennel.

Available Galvanised and Colour Powder Coated (Plasgalv®) finish green RAL 6005.

As well as the standard modular system we can also fabricate specially designed compounds cages or runs for your animals.


Dog Runs, Pens & Cages are made from our Kylemore Mesh

The easiest way to price your project is to sketch out the layout you require with gate position, whether it is to stand on a concrete base or be concreted into the ground (a photo or two could help use the contact form alongside. we will calculate the material you need and give you a price to collect in our yards or to be delivered you can pay us conveniently by credit card or cleared cheque.

If you wish us to install or it is a complex design.

The speediest way for you to get a price for your project is to determine the length and height you require do a sketch and or take a photo or photos of the site and use the contact form link below. You can also advise us of any access problems or special requirements (for example if we cannot cross your lawn or cannot bring in small machines this will effect the estimate).

If the price we give you is attractive and we hope it will be, we can then arrange a site visit, we would expect to be extremely competitive for a company providing the levels of certification insurance and quality management we have! we will then confirm the final price which will be the price you pay!

We will give you a commencement date and agree your payment schedule. Within a few weeks one of our installation crews will complete the project for you and your pet to enjoy the pleasure of a dedicated area.

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