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Protection Solutions For Data Centres

We know the ins and outs of providing physical perimeter protection. It has been our core business for nearly 50 years. We define the requirements of that perimeter protection as these three key points.


Deter – Does your physical perimeter offer a visual deterrent against attack?

Detect –
Does your physical perimeter allow the detection of an attacker before they get inside your site?

Delay –
What level of delay do you require to ensure the safety of your centre?

As well as our well known ranges of Fencing and Gates we have long established links with leading manufacturers of other associated perimeter security  products including Turnstiles, Road-blockers, Fixed and Automated Bollards and integrated detection systems. 
We can offer the complete package of installation and automation or we can link with the clients Access Control specialist or security provider. We are CIRI approved for many elements of civil works which are ancillary to our core activities enabling us to provide a complete service to the Main Contractors site operation with full sign off capability.
To assist in selecting the correct product for your project we have a number of case studies giving examples of different types of Data Centre Contracts we have worked on and some of the features we encountered.
We have also developed a separate page outlining the ability of our products to withstand various levels of attack with different tools.  Please view this Here.

Most of our Data Centre Clients require us to sign a non -disclosure agreement so we cannot give details of the plant name or location

Case Study 1 Standard Palisade and other products For a Blue Chip Client Kildare Area


We have worked on various stages of this project, including the protection of Data Centres, Administrative areas and Manufacturing facilities, with numerous Main and Specialist Contractors since 2004. Amongst the works carried out, we have supplied and installed Perimeter Railings on a mass concrete wall. Irfen Standard Palisade powder coated Black RAL9005 in various locations both on plinth wall and directly into the ground; we have also installed matching palisade gates both for pedestrian access at sizes from our standard range 1200mm up to 6000mm wide as well as specially designed larger gates which are all CE Marked for pedestrian and vehicular access. Irish Fencing services are approved fencing contractors for all developments on this site


This was a site with many trades operating to tight schedules our site programme was coordinated with our manufacturing plant with Galvanising and Powder Coating provided on a JIT schedule for site delivery with appropriate handling equipment by our logistics department. Contract management needed to meet the Main Contractors programme as well as observing all agreed Health and Safety requirements needed and ensuring smooth operations with other trades working with or close to our tradespeople. Our Health & Safety representative maintained all the daily site assessment records and inspected all safety files, ensuring our installation crews were fulfilling their health and safety roles with regular tool box talks to all personnel.


Currently we are working on the installation of over 500 metres of 2400mm high Irfen™ Standard Palisade Fencing, Powder Coated Black RAL9005 erected onto a plinth wall erected by us. The site was uneven and required stepping of the wall and panels. Access to the site was by a sliding gate 11000mm wide manufactured by us to our in-house design and certified and CE marked as compliant under EN 1090. Pedestrian access is by means of an electronic turnstile. Access control and automation were provided by the client’s regular security provider.

Case Study 2 Major Ongoing Project over €350,000 value.

Client: Confidential

Value: €350,000.00 + Ongoing Contract 


This is one of the largest ongoing projects in Ireland, we have been involved for nearly 20 years in all stages in the provision of various Perimeter and Access Control requirements including Perimeter Railings and Gates security boundary Palisade Fencing and Gates and specialised fencing elements to the various Data Centre’s, manufacturing, and administrative units on this campus.

Irish Fencing Services are currently an approved fencing contractor for all projects on this site.


Recently on a new a new Data Centre, we were commissioned to supply & install a solid round bar infill Sliding Gate with a 12metre opening for the entrance to the site, along with 400 metres of 2.4m high Palisade to protect the perimeter. Additionally, we were commissioned to design construct and install a 4.2m high protective security cage using Kilmainham 358 Prison Grade Mesh with a security pedestrian gate with electronic access control to protect a high voltage electricity transformer. Irish Fencing Services had to prepare site specific risk assessments as this project had potential highly hazardous risks with the transformer being in the centre of the project. H&S personnel were on site while specific works were being carried out close to the live areas.

This is one of the most complex and technical sites in the Country involving multitudes of trades working to tight schedules. Working here involves us in closely coordinated just in time manufacture and finishing with our logistics department coordinating these and the final delivery to our installation crews on site, with the correct lifting and handling equipment. 

Health & Safety

The installation process has involved at times up to three teams and our contracts management team project manage all aspects of this including the stringent Health and Safety requirements involving working closely with other Health & Safety officers from Client, Main Contractor and other Contractors working with or close to us. Ensuring that all method statements & site-specific risk assessments were submitted and coordinated with all relevant partners and then kept up to date and accommodate changes or new conditions as required. Toolbox talks were provided covering site-specific requirements.

Irish Fencing Services completed this project with zero accident or incidents.

Case Study 3 Standard Palisade Munster Region


DC 3 Munster Region. This is one of the earliest IT Projects Irish Fencing Services (Cork) have been involved starting in 1979. The facility is a complex of several associated activities forming a campus on a large private site.


We have provided various combinations of Irfen ™ Standard Palisade Fence in heights between 2400mm and 3000mm erected to a precast plinth wall, with matching swing and slide gates to our in-house designs, together with pole barriers and turnstiles. To some of these we have provided the automation package and in others the clients access control provider has fitted to our certified gates and integrated them into the client’s overall security systems.

On site we have provided Cycle Storage Racks and Shelters as well as compounds for recycling and storage requirements in various of our mesh systems.

Case Study 4 Brownfield Site Kilmainham Mesh Gates Anti-ram Roadblockers and Retractable Bollards


DC 4 Town centre East of Ireland. A new Data Centre on brownfield site containing demolished buildings and constructions close to active work areas. Specific issues include services dating back over 100 years.


The first requirement was to provide perimeter security to enable construction to proceed safely, it was decided to install the site perimeter fence first rather than use any temporary fencing. Identification of live and dead services and concealed old structures was undertaken by the Main Contractor. The fence selected is a Kilmainham 358 security fence with a precast plinth all installed by us.


The project utilises Anti Ram barriers and retractable bollards, because of site conditions these needed to have minimal underground structures. We sourced appropriate options for approval by the Design Team and the Electrical and Mechanical consultants. As well as these items electronically operated Gates and Turnstiles have been installed and integrated into the overall site security structure. 

Case Study 5 Irfen Palisade Data Centre Norway


DC 5 Data Centre Norway.

Material Specified

560 metres of 2400 Irfen™ High Security Palisade with matching gates to be automated by a locally based Access Control Company. We provided a complete supply and delivery package of the fence and gates to our clients, providing full consultation with the local contractor for installation.The Client has experience of our products through other projects and specified the use of Irfen™ High Security Palisade.

Case Study 6 Kilmainham 358 Mesh with Cantilever Gates and Integrated Detection System


DC 6 East of Ireland. The site is a conversion from commercial unit on a business park. The client required a sensitive perimeter treatment, the site is visible to the general public, part of the means of achieving this was to integrate the fence by following the contours of the site, this required our installation team to approach each sector as an individual calculation, one of the skills that our teams have acquired over their years of experience.


The specification for the fence was a high security category 3 Kilmainham 358 Prison Mesh Powder Coated RAL Green 6005 with integrated South West Microwave Perimeter detection system. There were 650 Metres of perimeter. The site has an in and out road system to which we provided left and right sliding cantilever gates to an opening of 13000mm. For pedestrian bicycle and carried goods entrance a gate lock system of inner and outer gates with a mesh roof cover was designed by our design dept. The Clients access control and security provider integrated Access Control and CCTV monitoring and integrated the detection system provided by us to the site overall site security

Standard Palisade

A reasonable level of security for Data Centres within external secured perimeters
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Irfen High Security Palisade

A top quality reliable fence with SR3 delay quality
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Kilmainham 358 Prison Mesh

A top security fence to SR3 levels with an attractive appearance.
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Gates & Barriers

We CE Mark all the gates we manufacture, work to specific designs and are certified to IS 9001 & EN 1090.
All Gates can be Automated as Swing Sliding or Cantilever Format
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IF4 High Security Fencing & Combination Products

SR4 is the highest level of security in fencing currently available it shows that a fencing product can provide an effective delay of 10 minutes before a well-prepared intruder can create sufficient opening to enter a property. There are proprietary products available which are generally combinations of two SR3 products with some refinements. We can offer several of these products and can combine many of our own products such as Railings, High Security Palisade and 358 mesh or other delaying features. We are happy to discuss your specific requirements.
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Perimeter Security Products

All our fences can also be integrated with the worlds leading electronic perimeter detection system giving your security personal instant notice of a potential intruder.
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