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Artificial Grass

Home and Garden Uses

Ideal to reduce the maintenance of front gardens, back gardens, dog runs, slippery decks, patios, balconies, home putting greens or rooftop areas. Guaranteed long life, realistic looking, child and pet friendly synthetic lawn.

Education and Childcare

Non-slip, safe surfaces can transform concrete or green areas into pleasant play areas which are usable all year round. Guaranteed friction free and very low maintenance playgrounds result in happy and safe children.

Corprate and Retail

The versatility of the grass products perfectly suits exhibitions, events, outdoor smoking areas and trade show stands and product display areas. Hard wearing and weather proof suitable for endless possibilities.

Landscape Improvement

Specially designed, these market leading synthetic grass products are guaranteed solutions with results that customers love.

No more Mowing or Mucky Feet or Maintenance.

Artificial Grass: Flair

has a natural and very realistic appearance and is especially appropriate for small surfaces. The fibre height of the grass is 35 mm. It contains 18 stitches and forms a natural C shape.

Artificial Grass: Summit

Our Gold Collection’s pride is the artificial grass “Summit”. It combines a high density with longer fibres, giving the grass its unique, magnificent feel.

Artificial Grass: Charisma

Our artificial grass “Charisma” is by far the best product in our collection and the most comfortable and beautiful artificial grass on the market.

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