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Shultan Construction, Killiney, Co. Dublin.

When we get a call to look at a job in Killiney, the first thoughts are Hills and Rocks! When we visited the site with Shultan Construction who specialise in prestige home renovation we were correct.  Beautifully located overlooking Killiney Bay, this property required security along a busy road climbing at levels of over 20% in places, not the usual location for our Killarney Estate Railing which normally lives in flat meadows! But we believe it worked excellently.

We agreed levels with the Main Contractor for the retaining wall to which the fence was base plated and bolted down. We worked in conjunction with The Stonemasons building the facing stonework. The solution involved areas which used a sloping wall, where we stepped the Killarney Railings. In other areas a level was maintained for longer stretches.

The overall result is a clearly designated boundary providing protection to those within the property from the risk of fall, as well as security from intrusion.

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