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Dublin Port Authority

This job involved the supply and erection of a fence largely constructed from 358 Kilmainham Prison Mesh some of which was erected above a 4000mm high wall and in other areas we provided a 2500mm high solid steel galvanised sheet to the bottom. The whole fence was topped off with concertina Barbed Tape. An integrated INTREPID™ Micropoint II system was then added to the fence to enable a close monitoring and detection capability to the fence perimeter this was our first linkage with South West Microwave and we are now their Fencing Partner for fence detection systems.

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Shane Winters – M.D. of Irish Fencing Services Commented:

“We recently completed an extensive fencing contract for Dublin Port & Docks at East Wall Road where a state of the art import and storage facility for motor vehicles has been constructed. We worked closely with Sigcom, the Southwest Microwave Irish Technical Partner who were adding an INTREPID™ system to enable a close monitoring and detection capability to the fence perimeter, the synergy that developed during this contract led to this agreement with Southwest Microwave. The concept of adding electronic technology to a fence is not new. 40 years ago we offered a tension wire system but frankly in practical terms the incidence of false alarms was too high for us to continue with it.”
Over the following years, new systems have been offered to us but either cost, efficiency, or an unsuitable technology stopped us adding them to our range. INTREPID™ Micropoint II ticked all the boxes for value, reliability and an intelligent but logical technology. We can bring our 43 years of experience of fencing to join with Southwest Microwave 45 years of electronic technology which is installed at over 70,000 locations in 80+ countries.. By having an arrangement such as this we can include many of the features that the system installer will require at the design and manufacture stage of the fencing contract, thus ensuring the integrity of the protective finish to the steelwork and eliminating on-site drilling or welding.
Apart from the type of high value, high risk project that we were involved in at Dublin Port, this product lends itself to use in properties with extensive perimeters, which cannot be effectively visually monitored, as well as commercial and educational facilities where it can be integrated with current security systems and CCTV. It can also be retrofitted to existing fences and we see that we can add an additional level of intelligent security to the premises of a number of our long time customers”.


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