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Timber Fencing – We Offer Standard Softwood Panels in Pine and also Customised Hardwood Designs, in Iroko, Sapele and other Fine Woods.

We can provide two options with regard to timber fencing; a basic range of standard fence panels  in softwood such as pine which can be provided  in a painted finish but can also be offered in pressure treated finishes which significantly extends the product life. These panel products can have timber or concrete posts and are ideal for the DIY enthusiast. Use the contact us link below to send us dimensions and or sketch, drawing or photos. We will reply promptly with a price quotation.

We also do a range of Custom designed Hardwood Fences and Gates generally in Iroko or Sapele which offer extremely long life spans and require minimal maintenance.

These are not standard off the shelf items, they are products designed to your requirements, generally in consultation with an architect or designer. Other woods can be used  subject to availability.

Timber Panel Gallery

Hardwood Gallery

Hardwood Fences and Gates, These are not standard off the shelf items they are products designed to your requirements, generally in consultation with an architect or designer.

Other woods other than Iroko and Sapele can be used but are subject to availability.

Hardwood Information

IrokoIroko is a very durable hardwood. The colour varies from light yellow to golden brown and texture is coarse, often with an interlocked grain. It is indigenous to Africa and is often referred to as “African Oak”   Kiln dried Iroko is strongly recommended for external gates and fences. This is a hard wearing timber which is resistant to decay.  Has many of the desirable features of oak and is commonly used for electric gates, external joinery, boat building and marine work. Sapele



Sapele is another hardwood from Africa, the colour is dark reddish brown.  Grain is interlocked or wavy with a medium to fine texture.  It takes stain fairly easily which makes maintenance simple. It is becoming a popular choice for gates and fences. Sapele is less durable than Iroko or Oak and has a greater moisture content therefore is can be susceptible to movement which can be offset with the appropriate adjustable hinges. Using Sapele for fences or gates is a good compromise if a superior hardwood is not attainable.


OakOak the sapwood is creamy white and is sharply defined from the golden, warm-brown of the heartwood.  If left untreated over time it will weather down to reveal the characteristic silver grain which looks fabulous on older character properties.  The timber is hard, heavy and durable.  Oak is very coarse in texture and straight grained, requiring the correct seasoning.  It can be worked to a fine finish if necessary. Native oak is indigenous to the British Isles, it is probably the best known and one of the most versatile of all timbers, being used more extensively and for a greater number of purposes than any other. However this comes at a cost and using this timber could easily double the cost of the entire fence or gate installation.  For clients looking for top of the range timber look no further than Oak.  

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