Irish Fencing Services

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Cork : +353 21 439 7313
N. Ireland: +44 28 7187 8753

How We Work

Installing a large proportion of the products we make, and using our own installation crews enables us to keep in touch with the needs of the end client. We have always prided ourselves on being innovative and many of our products have been designed or adapted because of our on-site experience to enable speedy and efficient installation which leads to cost savings for our clients.

3 Convenient Locations ensure speedy installation.
Because of our convenient locations in Cork Dublin & Newry, our locally based installation crews have shorter travelling times and servicing our contracts is a speedier process. Our crews which are either two or three man operations carry all the necessary equipment, and can call on our heavier digging and lifting equipment or outside contractors as required.

As the manufacturer of most of the products we install we give confident deliveries.
Our manufacturing process accommodates your jobs specific requirements, if it can be supplied from stock, installation will be as soon as we can allocate a crew to install it. Non stock items such as our railings made to measure gates & special posts etc. will be drawn up in draughting department, scheduled for manufacture and then fabricated. In almost 99% of cases the product is Hot Dipped Galvanised and about 50% of the time subsequently Powder Coated, it would be normal to have a waiting lead time for finished goods of between 4 and 5 weeks from date of order.

We confirm your price after site inspection and check Health & Safety aspects to ensure no hidden surprises.

Our installation process is site specific but follows certain guidelines. The initial quotation  is based on the information provided either by you or after a site visit by our representative,  if you decide to proceed, our contracts team will confirm your requirements and examine the Health and Safety issues on your site. Your material will then be ordered from our factory or outside supplier.

 Changes can cost money.
We would always hope that the price we have given you when you place your order is the price you will be billed, but be aware changes can cost money. We complete contracts ranging from €1000 up to €2 million.  Some have their special challenges ! but as project managers we can give advice or engage with Specialist contractors as required, to ensure that the project is managed by us from start to finish.

We use our Experience to monitor your project and keep to the agreed price.
We have over 50 years’ experience and we know that things can change from the initial design or plan, so we monitor the installation process on an on-going basis. Our Contracts managers get daily feedback from our crews and liaise directly with site personnel to minimise delays and manage changes.

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